Very Useful Legal Reading Regarding Blogging

June 27th, 2007 by xformed

Stumbling about in the link forest I came across an article discussing blogging and Federal law.

So…from Aviva Directory here are the twelve points discussed in “Blog Law”:

  • Whether to Disclose Paid Posts
  • Is Deep Linking Legal?
  • The Legal Use of Images and Thumbnails
  • Laws that Protect You From Stolen Content
  • Domain Name Trademark Issues
  • Handling Private Data About Your Readers
  • Who Owns User-Developed Content and Can You Delete It
  • The Duty to Monitor Your Blog Comments, and Liability
  • Basic Tax Law Issues in Blogging
  • Limited Liability Laws and Incorporating
  • Spam Laws and Which Unsolicited Emails are Legal
  • Are Bloggers Protected from Journalism Shield Laws?

I’ll have to take the time to read it closely. It certainly looks comprehensive and I strongly recommend you put down what you’re reading and get over there to see how Federal law may work for, or against you. In the meantime, I’d recommend we spread the word….

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