10 Life Lessons

June 16th, 2007 by xformed

Wisdom from This Veteran’s Life about what he learned riding the Metro in the DC area:

1. Stand to the right. Walk to the left. We are all moving in the same direction, but some of us are just trying to get there quicker. Be courteous.

2. Remember to shower. Life is like the metro. If you want people to sit next to you, then remember to shower.

3. No one wants to here about your new iPod, car, or condo. We all have had a rough day and just want to make it home.

4. Give up your seat for old people and children. We have all been children and we all will be old people. Show some grace and respect.

5. If you are lost ask for directions. If not you’ll just spend hours being lost. Time lost cannot be regained.

6. Know where you are going, or be happy with not being where you want to be.

7. Be kind to everyone you meet. We are all just trying to get by the best we can.

8. Always have exact change or else you’ll end up paying more for the same thing.

9. Take notice of those around you. They are your neighbors. They have a perspective that is different than yours. And we all have alot to learn from each other.

10. No matter how long the ride there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Great stuff. Whoda thunk you could gain that kind of knowledge just riding the rails in the midst of thousands of other people on a work day? Maybe all it takes is just thinking about “things” rather than just existing through life…

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1 response about “10 Life Lessons”

  1. @WR said:

    You would be surprised how many people just seem to “float” their way to where ever they are going.

    It gives me some measure of comfort to know that they are floating on the metro rather than standing vigilant in our defense.

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