Entropy and Irony – Part III

June 5th, 2007 by xformed

More random thoughts:

Nancy Pelosi chides Hugo Chavez for shutting down RCTV, while speaks of implementing the “Fairness yeah, right! Doctrine” to force conservative (read opposition) voices off the airwaves.

John Edwards and Barak Obama want universal health care. Stick with me here: Won’t that make us live longer? Excuse me, but I think this flies in the face of the humanity caused “Global Warming” syndrome currently sweeping the nation. If we are making it worse, why do they want to make sure we stay around to pollute the atmosphere that the animals have to also breath from?

Speaking of that: How about those who decide not to have offspring, as they see just another “polluting unit” (“PU” for short) being created and….as we all know, it’s a bad thing….

So now the President hops on the “Global Warming” band wagon. Either he’s trying to upstage those who set up the Kyoto Treaty, or he’s maybe looking for cross-over Democratic votes? I’m confused.

John McCain says we need to let the illegal immigrants have their way, or they might riot in our streets, but we have to stand up tall against the Islamic terrorists. I’m even more confused now.

Not only do we have to do as John McCain implies, we need these workers here because we are lacking Americans to do the work. Yes, about 40M some, many of which would have been of age by now.

Europe had to let lots of low cost, immigrant labor in for the same reason (but they never knew years ago they were helping the environment by not having little Europeans) and look what’s happening now. It doesn’t take even a homegrown experiment to see what’s coming in a few decades.

We decide to help install an anti-missile DEFENSE in eastern Europe, Russia gets upset. I guess the possibility of no longer being able to nuke your neighbors to the west has got a burr under their saddle…

A sitting President can lie to a Grand Jury while under oath and just be dis-barred and a White House staffer can make statements while not under oath during an investigation that aren’t true and he goes to jail for 2.5 years.

Something I am not confused about is that I am “extra-curricular politics.”

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1 response about “Entropy and Irony – Part III”

  1. Roy Lofquist said:

    The old poker player has beat ’em again. He kicks the can to India and China and India says “No way Jose!” before the Chinese can blink.

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