Ship History – Coming Soon

May 22nd, 2007 by xformed

I enjoy reading the hisotry of military things, with an emphasis on Naval matters. Between several of the Navy bloggers, there’s plenty to do. EagleSpeak, CDR Salamander and SteelJaw Scribe all have great regularly scheduled posts on history.

I have been pondering covering ship classes for a while now, but recently began reading “Six Frigates” and have run across a laundry list of names that I have heard ships named after. I knew the history of some of modern day names ships have been named after, but never paid attention to those from a few centuries ago. I think it’s time, supported by the wonderful story Ian Toll tells, to connect those who put our Navy to sea in the 1790’s, and fought our first battles to the issues they faced in a new nation to the ships that were named in their honor. My pastor regularly says “Context is everything.” Here is a case in which this applies.

I’m not sure if I’ll make it “Ship History Saturday” or just pick a day and go for it, but watch for it soon.

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3 responses about “Ship History – Coming Soon”

  1. Yankee Sailor said:

    I just bought this book.

    And it sits unmolested on the desk in my stateroom, viciously taunting me, every night (in a pile of half a dozen other books I don’t have time to read – including one on time management!).

  2. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    Immensely enjoyable read – the record of the debates in Congress over the need/type/size of the Navy could almost be lifted from contemporary accounts. To wit, the “do we build a blue water, frigate-based Navy or a larger, floating coastal defense force” reads an awful lot like the current imbroglio over LCS…
    – SJS

  3. AW1 Tim said:

    Me too,,,

    Curt turned me on to this book at the MilBlog conference, It’s waiting for some undivided attention.

    I’ve also got a couple articles half-written for him as well, but for some reason, reality is playing games with me this past week and a half, so my blog and reading time is wicked short.


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