Band of Bloggers – Part II

May 5th, 2007 by xformed

Well, Andi pulled off a big one…the President of the United States was the opening speaker…followed by a live web conference with RADM Fox from Iraq.

Note: Live video feed of the conference is here!

Adm Fox and the President thanked all of us for the support we provide and commented on how important it was.

Adm Fox went on to say Anbar Province has come a long way and how Gen Paterus’ strategy has already made a major difference with the “enforce the law” program, and the joint security points, where our troops and the Iraqi security forces will work together. There’s a ways to go, but it’s working. “Added vlaue” of them [Iraqis] operting around our troops. The “center of gravity” in this war is the Iraqi people. The intereaction between the people, the security forces and our troops is gaining greater intel, more weapons being recovered and reduction in the number of attacks.

“We are facing a really evil and diabolical enemy…” The Iraqi people have been very restrained. “al-Qada has become public enemy number one over here.”

“This is going to take time. Gen Pateraus is very sober minded and clear eyed about the threat.”

“Over the summer is when we expect to see the security improvements.”

On the question “what can we do as bloggers to support the mission:”

“To get the truth out.” “Ensuring we describe who we are and what we do. What’s been lost in the debate is that there’s a moral aspcet and we’re the good guys. We found abu Gharib…” “I’m not looking for a free pass, bu when we do something wrong, we do something about it.” “Encourage you all to stay enganed in this endeavor. I think it will only grow in importance.” “I have come to respect what reporters who come over here have to deal with”

“I salute you and appreciate what you’re doing.”

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