How About an Electric Ride?

April 22nd, 2007 by xformed

From this month’s issue of Popular Science:

Javelin SpeedSled

Javelin SpeedSled

No longer must drivers confine themselves to the limitations of conventional sports cars, with cramped interiors, aerodynamically compromised styling and body-battering ground clearances. The new all-electric sport cruiser’s performance-tuned suspension cuts aggressively through turns, while its four powerful hub motors—individual electric motors built into the wheels that generate a combined 450 horsepower—send it blasting down straights, reaching 60 mph in less than four seconds on its way to a top speed of 200 mph. But the real innovation is its aerodynamics: Instead of fighting high-speed airflow, the car takes advantage of it, channeling the air around the central, low-slung pod to generate huge downforce. Furthermore, the hub motors eliminate the need for a large engine, freeing space for three passengers to ride in a unique 1+2+1 seating configuration.

Modify your aerodynamics to tweak either speed, handling, or economy; change the paint scheme on the fly…I like!

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2 responses about “How About an Electric Ride?”

  1. Valeria Kelly said:

    electric motors would sometimes overheat if they are not properly ventilated,,:

  2. Fire Basket  said:

    electric motors are great, they really help keep manual jobs easier`-‘

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