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April 18th, 2007 by xformed

I posted a few days ago about the Navy Together We Served portal and mentioned there was a Marine version that had led the way.

Since that post, my site meter is full of hits with the search words for TWS, and many of them “modified” to include “Army” or “Air Force,” so I sent an email to the N-TWS admin address saying there seemed to be a lot of activity. The response is that they are working the Air Force Together We Served site now, and there will be an Army Together We Served site following that.

So, be patient! Your time is near, non-sea service personnel!

Update 4/21/2007: The Admin at TWS says the set up for the sites for the USAF and Army will take time to get the databases together. Yep, that sounds right, but says the sites should be up this year. He said they would be getting the addresses to the sites up soon, at least with a banner to welcome you and let you know those other two services will be around.

Keep checking for an and to arrive on the net!

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