VDH: “Begging for a Bombing”

April 5th, 2007 by xformed

Victor David Hanson’s column today nails it….

What should we make of the Iranians’ behavior?

Namely that the country’s leadership is in deep political trouble. The Iranian government is desperate to provoke the West to win back friends in the Islamic world, and to quell growing unrest at home. Subsidizing food and gas, providing billions for terrorists and building nukes all cost money at a time when the state-run Iranian economy is in shambles.

It’s all about “showing off” and his contention is they want us to not just rattle the saber, but unsheathe it in their specific direction. More propaganda victories, even if it means many Iranian citizens take the bullet(s) for their President. If we do, then AMadDinnerJacket has propaganda out the wazoo and he’s still not with the 72 raisins. like some of his country men would be

Mark Steyn on Bill Bennett’s show this morning said “we need to quit handing them these little propaganda victories.” He was discussing the Birts backing down on the hostage situation, but he meant victories in plural. The pile of “little propaganda victories” is getting pretty tall in the last 5 years. At some point it will look like one big one to the Islamic world culture.

So…VDH says take your fingers off the pickle. Other things will do the job without giving them what they demand….go and find out what he says.

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