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March 28th, 2007 by xformed

SFC Thomas Nichols, US Army, also known as “Jack Army” on his blog, has provided a written response to TJ regarding the current situation in Iraq, which is posted at this link.

Teaser quote:

TJ: What gives you the greatest satisfaction with your current mission? What gives you the least?

SFC Nichols: The best part is seeing the Iraqis take charge of situations in the area. From IED discoveries to crowd control to providing security for pilgrims moving through the area, the Iraqi Army and Police are performing more and more of those tasks with less involvement from Coalition Forces. We are able to mentor and guide more than having to take charge and lead them by the nose. The least satisfaction comes on days when we can’t do what we planned, for example, our medic planned and coordinated for a three-day combat lifesaver course for the Iraqi Army troops. The IA medics would train the IA Soldiers under his supervision. He coordinated this training several weeks prior and even confirmed the training the day prior. At the appointed time, nobody showed for the training, not even the medics. When the IA battalion staff was asked what was going on, they simply forgot. Frustrating. Not the end of the world, I know, but a distinct challenge in maintaining motivation and mission focus. Is it merely a cultural difference? I’m not sure, but I am disappointed by it.

Go. Read. Be educated as to what boots on the ground are seeing right now.

H/T: Black Five

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