Throwing the Troops Under the Bus

February 26th, 2007 by xformed

The political commentary and maneuvering these days shows something of the character of the Congress and the Democratic Party in particular that is, how shall I say this delicately? Well, I can’t. Blood lust. Pure and simple lust for the shedding of blood, specifically in the physical sense, while carrying it out in the figurative manner.

The “buzz word” of the times: “Slow Bleed” says Carl Levin (D-MI) and John Murtha (D-PA), supported by the Democrats of the House, and 17 Republicans, too. You know the ones, the ones running to the sound of the polls, as is the collective daily wisdom of the electorate, measured in quantities of about 1000 to guage, with scientific processes,
to sense the mood.

So, if the Democrats get their way through obfuscation, their slow bleed strategy, will, in their estimation, bleed the support of the voters from the President and the Republicans in general.

What will the “bleeding” look like? Well, not funding more equipment, not funding supplies, and not funding the transport of the replacement and reinforcement troops.

This, if accomplished, will most certainly lead to the withdrawal of the political will to continue the campaign in Iraq in the Global War on Terror. How So? Simple. The troops on the front line, deprived of more compatriots to show the enemy we mean business, short supply on basic combat items, such as ammo and other equipment.

What next? The extrapolated condition is our troops, faced with an already brutal and further emboldened enemy, witll begin to take casualties they should not. THEY.WILL.BLEED. Not figuratively, but literally.

Why? Simple? So Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, John Murtha and their acolytes will then be “given” positions of power, with the reward of the voters by placing a Democratic president in the White House, and securing a majority on the Senate.

Who provides the “life blood” of this path to power? The troops. The troops they support.

The same troops who weren’t supplied with armored HUMVEES, body armor and the many other things the Democrats screamed about. The troops who have changed lives by placing themselves in danger to protect the lives of Iraqis. The troops, who, despite the hypocritical posturing of the Democrats, continue to suit up and enter the streets of Baghdad to face a foe who is little more than the analog of a viral infection in civilization, but a nasty one in any case.

You know, they don’t have to spit on the troops anymore. In the 70s, most of “them” were young people and not in positions where they could control the expenditure of Federal dollars. No, I predict the “spitting” phenomena will be minimal, but this time, the troops could be bled white, like animals slaughtered, all in the name of the blood lust of politicians wanting power, unfettered by dialog with those across the aisle.

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