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February 5th, 2007 by xformed

Two years ago, I spent a few days being a serial poster. I had originally done it at the “Junior Blog,” but found the time tonight to bring it all over into the database, update the links and now I’ll invite your attention to the series, “The Value of the Military Skill Set.”

If anyone has any inputs, sent them in. I did it as a sort of “cultural translator” from how “we” so often look at things and don’t seem able to sometimes make a good connection with those who haven’t served….

Here’s the index for your reading enjoyment:

Part I: Initiative, marketing, sales, project planning and program management skills
Part II: Auditing Skills
Part III: Operations 24/7/365
Part IV: “Point Papers”
Part V: Collateral Duties
Part VI: The “Git ‘er done!” Factor
Part VII: “Total Care”
Part VIII: Communications in the Workplace
Part IX: “Give a smart person with potential a chance”
Part X: Process Engineering, Continuous Improvement, Total Quality Management, Total Quality Leadership, or what ever you call it. The bottom line title: Making “it” better
Part XI: The Military’s Supply System
Part XII: “Red Blood or Red Ink”
Part XIII: Constructive Plagiarism

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