Jack is Back

January 15th, 2007 by xformed

Season 6 ripped out of the gates last night and I had to sit and watch it.

Plenty of blogs, including the Blogs 4 Bauer will be commenting, but….

I would invite you to consider the presentation of a man who just spent two years being tortured by the Chinese for causing the death of some Consulate personnel…..

Jack certainly didn’t look underfed….and….he seems to be in excellent physical condition.

I know, in his 6’x6′ cell, he paced two marathons a day and did 7800 (more of less, but none on Sunday) pushups, which would explain his endurance and strength.

But…on with the show!

Talk Like Jack Bauer Day Poster

Oh..and don’t forget the 15th (today) is Talk Like Jack Bauer Day…”GET DOWN!”

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1 response about “Jack is Back”

  1. Jason Lomberg said:

    The answer to every improbable feat or his remarkable physical condition- “He’s Jack.”

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