Pass the Word: Antimedia Asks for Help

January 10th, 2007 by xformed

Recevied via email from one of the Navy Valour-IT Team Members. He is asking the word get passed around the military community to consider signing a new appeal for redress….:

I don’t do self-promotion, and this really isn’t about that. I hope you’ll read this post – and then direct any active duty members that you know to the petition. My goal is to offset the negative effect of the liberals’ Appeal for Redress, which will be widely touted by the media, with this alternate Appeal for Redress, which asks Congress to respect our military. –
Dedicated to exposing the media’s many lies

Antimedia’s post has a link for active duty members to sign up, but I’ll put it here.

Pass the word…time to make an appeal to the higher ups.

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