Sticking with What I Know for a While

January 2nd, 2007 by xformed

The last few days have led to some introspection on the nature of my blogging. Sure, I have opinions, and thoughts, but what I know best, and no longer being plugged into current operations, I know the history of the Navy I served in. In addition, the Navy’s role, while important for the global support capabilities, in, until the rise of the Chinese Navy, rather secondary, necessarily so, to the front line Marines and Grunts who are the only ones who can take it directly to the enemy in the way all wars are eventually won. The support of the Navy to those ends, such as close air support, and the manpower to let the trained trigger pullers stay in the field certainly is of more importance right now.

Anyhow, I think for a while, I’ll spend some time catching up history. I went to the Wikipedia entires for three ships, two that I served on, and edited some history that I personally was around for.

So, for today, for all of you who have served, take a few minutes and see what isn’t told in a forum where you can directly add to the storage of actual events, and add some of what you know…..

Maybe one day when my professional background fits the current events better, I’ll add more to the multitude of commentaries.

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