LBS-1: Light Border Surveillance Squadron One?

December 23rd, 2006 by xformed

I read about this in this in “Parachutist” this month, and AW1 Tim, a regular at Neptunus Lex send a link to the video for the a Batman like contraption using small Jet Cat turbines a strap on your back…

Jet Cat

I suggest Lex retire and form a squadron for border surveillance. I can handle the XO/Training Officer, Tim the electronics (digital cams to transmit the images back to Border Patrol). Between Steel Jaw Scribe and Skippy-san, there’s plenty of AEW experience for OPS and maintenance…

Who’s in?

And, if Lex isn’t interesting working as a contractor, there’s always air shows to be done….

Update 12/24/2006: RTO Trainer wants to be the Commo, and I should have shown a designator of VAW(L) One. That fits the nomenclature “mold” for the Navy better.

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3 responses about “LBS-1: Light Border Surveillance Squadron One?”

  1. RTO Trainer said:

    I got your comms on the condition I get to patrol too.

  2. Skippy-san said:

    If the money is right, sign me up!.

  3. SIGN ME UP!!!!! - - It’s not random, it’s CHAOS! said:

    […] they have to get the guy from Finland with the Jet Cat booties and really come up with something […]

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