Holocaust Denying and Jim, Sr.

December 22nd, 2006 by xformed

Posting will be a little light, as I’m sure it will be around the blogosphere and many thoughts are percolating on this end, but I prefer to do justice to some of the topics, rather than hack out a few paragraphs unchecked.

In the meantime, my work schedule allowed me the opportunity to have a late and extended breakfast with Jim Helinger, Sr, the glider pilot, and we, as usual, discussed a wide range of topics.

We didn’t “go there” intentionally, but the discussions of the Middle Eastern situation led to “you know, some people are denying the Holocaust ever happened?” he said to me. Yes, I agreed. He went on to say that at V-E Day, they were stationed in Munich. Because the glider pilots didn’t have to any missions to fly, they sent them to Dachau, 60 miles away to help with the clean up of that death camp.

He described some of what he saw, which included piles of bodies and the bottoms of the furnaces covered with skeletal remains. He stood on that real estate and witnessed that it happened. I know Jim, Sr. He tells a good story, but not a one of them is false. I know, because of my association with him over the past few years, that the Holocaust did happen.

Silent Wings at War Cover

They can have all the conferences they like, but my mind will never be swayed. Thank God he made it, and after reading “Silent Wings at War,” I further thank God that he is here to share his memories and stories, for many in his military specialty were not so lucky.

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  1. Maggie said:

    I don’t get the whole conference thing. What can he hope to accomplish? I don’t think for all his nutty statements that Ahmadinejad is a stupid man. I think he has a reason for doing everything he does. So what is his plan? I’ve never met a rational person who does not believe in the Holocaust. He has to know he’s not going to convince anyone that it didn’t happen. The illiterate and the radical Islamist already hate the Jews enough. What does he stand to gain?

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