The Next Carrier Class: USS FORD (CVN-78)

December 19th, 2006 by xformed

Lots of chatter about the net, so I left this alone, as I have posted my thoughts in comment sections. add some unbearable lightness to the insane naming situation, Rich Casebolt needs to be credited with these brilliant one liners, found in the comments section at Milblogs, on a post by Bublehead:

I can already hear the commentary about having Ford-class carriers in the fleet …

“You can have it any color, as long as it’s gray …”

“Fix Or Repair Daily …”

“Found On Rocks, Damaged …”

“Have you sailed on a Ford, lately?”

“Ford … a Better Idea?”

Would enlisted men on these carriers, who move up to become officers, now be known as Ford Mustangs?

Would the ships of the Battle Groups formed around these carriers now be referred to as Ford Escorts?

Would the Lefties criticize the building of these carriers by referring to them as Ford LTD’s — Long Term Debts?

And finally, I now see the truck ads, featuring these carriers behind the truck (or launched off its catapults) to show that the trucks are “built Ford tough.”

If you need more “gouge” on the USS FORD, Lex’s post, replete with raging commentary is here, and Bubblehead has the “long form” version here,

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2 responses about “The Next Carrier Class: USS FORD (CVN-78)”

  1. RTO Trainer said:

    Tom Cruise might have been Ford Maverick.

    Might have to change terminology, from “cruise” to Ford Excursion.

  2. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    Naming the next class the Ford-class is sitll an Edsel of an idea though…
    – SJS

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