Don’t Study Vietnam, Study McArthur and Marshall

December 5th, 2006 by xformed

BFO moment.

Why are we still looking at war strategies for Iraq? Not to say there isn’t a need for such thinking, but I think it’s better applied to the larger issue of worldwide terrorism.

As far as Iraq, we need to be face down into how the Marshall Plan and General McArthur’s methods for Germany and Japan were formulated and then put into place….

This is a teaser. I have to hit the raod, but I’ll be working on this thought much, much more!

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3 responses about “Don’t Study Vietnam, Study McArthur and Marshall”

  1. RTO Trainer said:

    Well, we have come major cultural differences to consider.

    Japan and Germany were both highly structured societies accustomed to top down administration. Germans obey police officers, whether they be Gestapo, US MPs, or modern Polizei. The Japanese, once told the war was over by their Emperor, were not going to gainsay that.

    It was hoped that Sistani could be such an influence in Iraq, and he, in particular, has helped. But he does not have a universal following in Iraq even among Shia.

    Absent these unifying elements or universal authorities, the answer, in Afghanistan as well, is going to take a generation to achieve. An entire generation will have to grow up believing that having a say in their governmetn and destiny is thier right and is normal. Until the old generation passses away the new will not fully root.

    Better models for democratization you’ll find in the Maghreb nations of North Africa than in our WWII experience. And those took 40 years to produce.

  2. xformed said:


    You have hit on the issues that would certainly be part of such a study. Jeff Herf, a sociologist I studied under made it clear to me that understanding such cultural issues must be understood when you take on such tasks. I would hope any serious effort along this line would take your points under advisement.

    Maybe we could begin our own “study group.” Do you know how to write grant requests?

  3. RTO Trainer said:

    I could find out how.

    I’m really enjoying your series. I wonder if you’d read “The Pentagon’s New Map” by Thomas P.M. Barnett. Many of your observations echo his. I’ll make some extended remarks on pt IV a little later.

    BTW, Barnett has a blog.

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