National Geographic: Iraq War Medicine Article

November 21st, 2006 by xformed

I picked up the trial to finding this article from a post on Black Five. Matt referenced Joey Bozik, and linked to one picture on the NG website.

Up on the NG site, there are stills and a video with narration of the what writer Neil Shea saw in country, and also followed back home, to the VA and into the homes of those recovering from their wounds.

It’s an insight into the development of care and also the dedication to all of those in the chain providing medical care, and certainly a discussion of the spirit of those wounded and what they are dealing with as well. While the actual pictures used are black and white, some are graphic in nature….there’s your warning before you click.

Iraq War Medicine in 5 parts.

The final video piece, “Pushing Forward” talks about how Sgt Joey Bozik has pushed ahead with his life. Neil’s final statement about this issue is “These people are stronger than most people I have met in my life.” Quite a compliment…

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1 response about “National Geographic: Iraq War Medicine Article”

  1. Sarah D. said:

    I just got that issue in yesterday, and it looks pretty good. I skimmed the article itself (I always look at the pics and skim the mag before reading), and I didn’t get too big of a moonbat alert.

    And NG is most definitely now a liberal leaning mag.

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