The Ratchet and the Governor – Tools for Today – Part I

November 17th, 2006 by xformed

Black September Gang Member 1970

(disclaimer: may not be in the exact chronological order, and will not list each and every act of terror, but a good list is linked here)

The Olympics in the 70s.
The US Embassy in Iran.
Marine Barracks, Beruit
Leo Klingenhoffer on the Achilles Lauro
Lockerbee, Scotland.
Discos in Germany where US Service members congregate
Bombing of embassies in Africa,
Swarming over the “Mog”

Contractors in Fallujah, Nicholas Berg, murdered in cold blood and then their bodies descecrated.
3 beheaded Christian teeenaged girls on the way home from school
Suicide bombers in Baghdad daily
Democrats declare sweeping victory in US elections, al-Quada, Iranians cheer

Democrats announce, in so many words, they are now empowered by (barely over 1/2 of the voters, but who’s into facts anymore?) the people to control the President like a puppet.
100+ Iraqis, kidnapped by Iraqis


Am I missing something? Is there a pattern? Yes, there is. It’s possibly hard to discern, if you don’t lay out the “quality” reporting of the media’b’Allah that went along with all of these events. How before the Abu Gharib story broke, there were 24 American deaths a month in all of Iraq, and from that point, the death rate began the increase to what we see today.

I like analogies. I have used then successfully for years in professional and amateur training realms to bring someone quickly to understanding, or into the conversation. Today I introduce the humble ratchet and the governor.

So, here we sit, as the one superpower, able to literally demolish entire small nations within, say…28 minutes, struggling with an enemy that is dispersed, not even with a central command and control system, and it’s able to help us exercise a new form of America warfare.

Forget the “I was sitting around, minding my own business when you showed up on my doorstep with malice in mind, and I’m gonna have to beat you silly, drag you out on the street and make you declare to all my friends and neighbors, you are crying “UNCLE!” and will now do what ever I say. And by the way, once you sign a piece of paper for historical purposes, me and my neighbors will help you become a prosperous nation, living in peace” method of warfare. I would suggest, the use of the two atomic weapons not only vaporized tens of thousands of our enemy in 1945, it seared our senses, burning an indelible feeling of shame for doing nothing more than responding to the aggressive, act of a sovereign nation against us.

Standby, for there is much to deal with in this vein….

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3 responses about “The Ratchet and the Governor – Tools for Today – Part I”

  1. Station Commando said:

    I think you’re really on to something here. This will be an interesting thread.

  2. RTO Trainer said:

    I have a whole data base of terrorist incidents between 1945 and 2004. I’ll share it if you like.

  3. xformed said:


    I’d love to have that list…nothing like evidence to make a point and drive it home…

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