What a Veteran of the Occupation of Japan Had to Say

November 15th, 2006 by xformed

Eagle 1 quote Ralph Peters here. Something about killing the bad guys when engaged in a war. Sounds like a tried and true technique, strategy and tactic, from well before the US of A was even a political twinkle in any one’s eye…

About a year or so ago, a gentleman came into my place of work to have us do some for him. He was older, and it was about the time we had seen the “Mission Accomplished” banner, and yet, we were still having internal security problems in Iraq.

As we talked, he said something, so I asked “the question” and yes, he was a Vet, in fact, US Army and a vet of not only Okinawa, but also he went to Japan as part of the occupation force.

I asked him what kind of problems they had with internal security. He told me pretty much none. He said as they marched to the town they would set up camp near and administer, the streets were clear, with only Japanese policemen at each intersection. As they came by, the police would come to attention and salute the formation as they passed. He said sometimes you might see a door on the houses cracked slightly open, and several sets of eyes peering out, but it was orderly and the population went about the business of rebuilding a nation.

He did say one time someone was killed, so the order went out to the locals: You have three days to turn in your weapons. After that, if you have a weapon, you will be shot on the spot.

How did it work? They came and they turned in any and everything that was a weapon, including the many heirloom samurai swords and daggers, some of great age, but…the bottom line, they complied to the letter. He said they never found anyone with a weapon and they never had any issues of anyone being attacked again.

This also, is the connection, as to how so many fine swords ended up in the hands of the vets after WWII. They were each allowed to go to the turn ins and take, for their personal property, one rifle, one pistol and one sword as the spoils of war.

Does this go against our 2nd Amendment rights? Yes, but then again, it was a necessary measure, to ensure the safety of our troops, and we took it.

Consider Iraq today….

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  1. Skippy-san said:

    The Japanese were a better stock of people than the folks in Iraq though. Also they knew that they were well and truly beaten. Fortunately for them, they did not have the alabatross that is Islam hanging around their necks.

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