Valour-IT: Once A Marine, Always a Marine

November 11th, 2006 by xformed

Maybe I should have known better. The Navy Team puts up Marine donation buttons all over the place and tells people to send money their way, and then the marines act like they just boarded USS GATOR and take over the place. They stand in the passagewas, clogging up traffic, eat all the steak and ice cream and then sit around playing cards all day, when they aren’t doing PT, and all the while thinking the sailors owe them something more.

Seriously: Congrats Marines for getting a second wind and stroking past the Army in fine fashion! I’m sure the Powerline Blog listing yesterday (just which pictures did VC email to them?) didn’t hurt at all…..

Hmmmm…maybe it’s time for a “No Zoomie Left Behind” push thru tomorrow…..

If you haven’t hit the auctions, don’t let that stuff get away. After all, it may be Team Navy’s only hope of coming out on top when all the money is counted!

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1 response about “Valour-IT: Once A Marine, Always a Marine”

  1. Valour-IT said:

    Preliminary Totals

    Once again, you’ve left me nearly speechless.

    At the end of the first week I feared I’d placed the bar too high, that I’d set everyone up for failure and thus taken all the fun out of it. But I should’ve known better… Military blogger or civil…

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