Valour-IT: Fund Drive for 2006 Ends Today

November 11th, 2006 by xformed

It’s been an exciting 13 days. Lots of interesting blogs discovered, many interesting comments read, but…most importantly the overwhelming support fo the people to show that character trait of comapssion, just because it’s for someone they don’t even know, that stood up for them, not even knowing all of us.

All I’d say if take it to the International Date Line! Beth didn’t say which time zone’s 2359 would determine the final bell…

Thank each and every one, whether your name/blog showed up on a Valour-IT team list, or if yu just took up for the cause and pointed people to the donate buttons…

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1 response about “Valour-IT: Fund Drive for 2006 Ends Today”

  1. Ricky John said:

    Great job! We held a regularly scheduled Soldiers’ Angels Board meeting yesterday and the excitement over this project was off the scales. Our Medical and Wounded Project is one of our most ambitious programs. Project Valour-IT makes a great difference in our wounded heroes’ recoveries. The success of this fundraiser is going to help so many soldiers. Great job and congratulations to Chaotic Synaptic Activity and all of your readers. Mission Accomplished!

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