Valour-IT: The “November Surprise!”

November 10th, 2006 by xformed

Today, In honor of the 231st Birthday, I’m posting the donation button for Team Marines.

We Navy guys have been hauling them all over the world to get to “the office,” all the while as they are eating all the ice cream and bitching complaining that they’ve seen all the movies.

Once more, it looks like the Marines could use a lift to get to where they can then be successful, and here it is:

Warning to you Grunts: I have no ice cream, the weight room is the pay for gym down the street and where I live and sleep won’t rock you to sleep, but I can offer “support” for your cause.

VC, how about spread the word: Donation Button for TEAM USMC, no waiting line!

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4 responses about “Valour-IT: The “November Surprise!””

  1. Larry said:

    OK Skipper, I’ve made my donations (one Navy one Marine), written my post and sent out an email to everyone I know directing them to the Valor IT site. Very nice idea for a birthday present.
    Semper Fi Marines, and Happy 231st Birthday.

  2. The Steeljaw Scribe said:

    Project Valour-IT – The November Surprise

    Today, In honor of the 231st Birthday of The Corps, I’m posting the donation button for Team Marines. The Navy-Marine team is an awesome fighting force as proven time and again in all corners of the world where freedom is being fought for and won.

  3. Villainous Company said:

    Devil Dogs

    Today is the 231st Birthday of the United States Marine Corps. Jed Babbin has a wonderful tribute to the Marines over at RealClearPolitics. It’s a must-read: Two hundred and thirty-one years ago today, they were born at the Tun Tavern…

  4. Valour-IT said:

    Preliminary Totals

    Once again, you’ve left me nearly speechless.

    At the end of the first week I feared I’d placed the bar too high, that I’d set everyone up for failure and thus taken all the fun out of it. But I should’ve known better… Military blogger or civil…

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