Valour-IT: Navy Makes GOAL!

November 10th, 2006 by xformed

Great job, to the team and to the many, US and other citizens who have helped out!

Now, let’s shift the focus to getting the other teams over the top!

Best donating link for all services here.


News Flash: I “dislike” minimums….I like straining to the last moment available. Let’s keep going for only the trrops at the other end of this program win. Word to the wise (meaning the non-Sea Services): The throttle is at Flank III at sea and full military in the high flying go fasts. Next you will fall to the MARINES!

I sure wish I could have lined up the Tampa Bay Lightening Team radio announcer for this moment….

“They shoot , THEY SCORE!”

Oh, yeah the new Army motto for recruiting “Army Strong” went public last night. Does this mean we can roll out the new Navy ad “Navy Stronger” campaign?

Just saying….:)

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6 responses about “Valour-IT: Navy Makes GOAL!”

  1. Ellen said:

    Congratulations for being the FIRST to meet the goal. I know all of the other branches will make their goals before the end of tomorrow….and the true winners of this competition are the military personnel who will benefit from these computers and software!

  2. J said:

    I believe the true winners are the Navy.
    Seriously, it was a nice contest, but it is a well known fact that the Navy is always pulling those other branch’s butts out of the fire.

  3. xformed said:

    I’m thinking 56.25 wounded troops are the winners.

    More work to do, in the spirit of “jointess” that has proven to be so successful, even if the Navy wanted nothing to do with it until it was shoved down their throats by Goldwater-Nichols!

  4. FbL said:

    Congratulations, Navy!!!!!

    You guys were wonderful. You never gave up and that meant you came through with flyING colors. GO NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. MaryAnn said:

    Congratulations, Team Navy! Oorah!

  6. Jason Lomberg said:

    That’s Hoorah Mary 😉

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