“Pieces of meat” Cleric: “I Won’t Quit!”

October 27th, 2006 by xformed

Days later, I’m still waiting (not so anxioulsy, becuase I got tired of turning blue in the face, like my mom said I would) for an angry response from the feminists of the US, or anywhere in the world…

I guess that begs the question:

If an Islamic Cleric makes a horribly sexist and clearly misogynic speech and no feminists respond, is it then acceptable to agree with him?

Side note: He also dissed all men, who, as someone on one of the blogs commented, could be looked at as no more than leg humping morons, who cannot resist their animal desires.

But…this story has “legs,” and adds an interesting twist:

Sheik al Hilaly says he won’t quit.

Another side note: Note the caption on the picture for the article. I’d say the media’b’Allah are in their glory, once again, misrepresenting reality.

So, the man who thinks so little of women as to call them uncovered meat, tools of Satan, and wouild be run out of Washingotn, DC, tarred, feathered and torched (if, and only if, he was a Republican) for comments far less extreme, thinks he’s on the right track.

Now, take a look throught the window of an Islamic leaders mind, and, realize he is in Australia, not in the US, or a Middle Easertn country:

After midday prayers today, the sheik was besieged by a group of reporters who asked him whether he would bow to demands and quit.

The Islamic clergyman smiled and shook his head, saying in English: “After we clean the world of the White House first.”

Note the captilization. Note there isn’t a “White House” thingy in Australia, but, yep, you guessed it, in the US. So, it’s really all about the US.

Clue for the liberals/Democrats/anti-war crowd: Go ahead, get your “Man” (which may include HIllary) in the “White House” and see if the Sheik changes his rhetoric. He didn’t say: “After we clean the world of the George Bush first,” which would have rendered an entirely different meaning to the conflict.

But then, they just hate George Bush, too, and it’s not just for Muslim Clerics anymore!

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