Ropeyarn Sunday “Sea Stories” and Open Trackbacks

October 25th, 2006 by xformed

Oct 25th. No time for jovial stories, but a day of rememberance of the past.

My Oct 25, 2004 post on the Battle Off Samar

An Afternoon with Dick Rohde, a radioman on the USS SAMUEL B ROBERTS (DE-413) on October 25th, 1944.

My 60th anniversary post about Congressional Medal of Honor Winner Cpl Desmond T. Doss, a conscientious objector who refused to carry a weapon, but saved lives. What did his CMOH earned on Okinawa on May 5th, 1945 have to do with October 25th, 1944? He was ashore at Leyte Gulf that day. The heroic actions of “Taffy 3” saved that landing from being puished back into the sea. Not only that, at Leyte Gulf, Desmond Doss went out onto open ground to save a man shot by a sniper, despite the sniper not being located and killed. No shot was fired at him as he fearlessly went to aid a fallen brother.

Many heroic battles happened on October 25th.

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5 responses about “Ropeyarn Sunday “Sea Stories” and Open Trackbacks”

  1. Planck's Constant said:

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    When divine objects plop out of chickens’ assholes we do not see any Muslims running around butchering blasphemous chickens. But let Burger King’s Ice Cream lids appear slightly similar in script to the Arabic ‘Allah’ and they have a cow.

  2. sid said:

    Posted this at Eaglespak and MIlblogs as well…Here is RAdm. Copeland’s account of the Sammy B. If you start at chpter 6 you may not stop for a while….

  3. sid said:

    Copeland about Mt 52 (ch7):

    Now, Jack, at this point I must tell you the rest of the story about the crew of gun No. 2. It’s not much to my liking. Goheen had to go across a deck covered with burning oil. He went into the gun mount and found a very pathetic condition there. A lot of the men had been completely obliterated. You see what had happened, Jack, was this: the gun had probably fired–oh, I would say, roughly–300 rounds when, because of hits, it no longer had any power ramming so the men had to ram by hand. Then at the last seven or eight shots the air injection system went out, and the gun was so hot that apparently the 324th round cooked off before the automatic breech was completely closed, blew the breech off the gun and the rear end out of the gun mount, and killed most of the men. When Goheen got in there he found Carr, who was ripped clear from his neck to his groin. He had an eighty-four pound projectile in his arms and begged Goheen to help him load it and get it off. He didn’t realized that the gun was incapable of firing, and he was still so devoted to duty that he wanted to load that gun. Goheen took it away from him and laid him down and then picked up Gregory, the gun trainer, who was lying there with his right leg blown off almost up to his hip. He carried Gregory out and set him down on deck and then went back. Carr had gotten that shell again and was trying to load it. Goheen picked Carr up and carried him out. He died there on deck. Carr really spark-plugged the No. 2 gun crew, and we recommended him for a posthumous award of the Navy Cross.

  4. xformed said:


    I have the name and address for one of the crew members of Mt 52 on the Sammie “B.”

    I kept telling myself I’d make the trip up to Northern GA to meet Desmond Doss, and never did. He passed away last March.

    I guess I need to follow up and get up to the panhandle and see if I can talk to this sailor. I also have one of Paul Carr’s sisters addresses. He had 8 sisters and was the only boy….

    Thanks for your link and taking the time to share it.

  5. Planck's Constant said:

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