“The Truth is Out There”

October 24th, 2006 by xformed

Until this last weekend, I was pretty much stumped as to how, in this age of access to incredible amounts of information, without even laving your home or office, a significant number of people in this country could continually claim the US Government was behind the 9/11 attacks.

I have long held that the images coming out of Hollywood have had an undercurrent of an effect on many parts of society, particularly with the tend to show all adults as either stupid, ignorant, or corrupt (or any combination of those) and only children were capable of seeing the real danger, finding the real criminals, or knowing the truth. That has sent a subliminal message that anoyone of authority can’t be trusted, and, we see the results in the legal system.

Cigarette Man

This past Saturday, I was channel surfing and the last 30 minutes of “The X-Files” movie was on. I settled back on the couch and then a “BFO” (Blinding flash of the obvious) hit me. I didn’t know for how long, but I knew that series had been aroound a long time. I just looked it up: Begun in 1993, and ran through 2002. The movie was out in 1998.

The popularity of this series, which showed not just the US, but a world shadow organization, was cooperating with the aliens, and doing what ever they needed to do to keep this alliance a secret.

From Wikipedia:

The X-Files was one of the network’s first major hits, and its main characters and slogans (“The Truth Is Out There,” “Trust No One,” “Deny Everything,” “I Want to Believe”) became pop culture touchstones, simultaneously tapping into and inspiring a plethora of conspiracy theories, paranoia about the U.S. government, and belief in the existence of extraterrestrial life.

The “Generation C” types have grown up with a well done fictional series, and have failed to discern between truth and fiction.

I think this may help explain the vast numbers of our citizens who believe the Government is behind all of the GWoT, because, we all know….The truth is out there.

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  1. Jason Lomberg said:

    I heard Mulder makes a guest appearence in “Loose Change.”

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