Adrift in a Sea of Muddled Assumptions – Part IV

October 20th, 2006 by xformed

Most likely it will be light blogging this weekend….but not sure yet.

Anyhow: Thought of the moment that confounds me:

The left wing/liberal mentality really hates this war. They mostly show it by claiming they hate President Bush, but they also drag out the “No War for Oil!” signs, too (BTW, I like that war right now). These are the same people who have culturally “evolved” to ensure that human rights have been stretched to the nth degree, using an “umbrella” argument about a right to privacy being stated (not so) clearly in the Constitution.

The next few statements are presented for the purpose of illustrating my upcoming points:

As a result, women have attained positions of very high economic and social levels and pretty much do what they want.

Homosexuals are pushing hard, and have succeeded in some school districts, of taking a message about sexual experimentation into the middle and elementary level of schools.

Children are lobbied to become sexually active, and given the freedom to make major medical decisions about their lives, to the exclusion of parents being told of such conditions. Adults, other than parents, and sometimes not even known to the girls, have become accustomed to transporting them to where they can get abortions.

Christian or Catholic references are being removed/banned from being seen or talked about in public at an alarming rate. Islamic advocacy groups have successfully lobbied to teach Islam, for up to three weeks, including requirements to memorize verses from the Koran and pray to Allah in schools around the country.

These are factual conditions that exist today and efforts to reverse them are fought with lots of money and very high powered lawyers and judges.

Ok, that being said, the same political mindset that supports all of this are the ones against the war against terror and get particularly upset when it is couched as the “war against radical Islam.”

Yes, the confounding part: The Islam that would sequester (or quarantine, if you prefer) women to their homes, would not allow them to vote, to drive, to wear swim suits skimpier than their underwear, and would allow them to the beaten, but not so bad as to leave marks; The Islam that would allow stoning to death the woman if they were caught exercising their “sexual freedom;” The Islam that would hang a teenage girl for having sex; The Islam that would allow male members of the family to kill their sisters/daughters is they talked back to to them and demanded to be able to marry who they chose.

The very people who have gained so much in freedoms in our society are the ones who would wish us to welcome, with open arms, the religion that would first line them up and inform them they would not only not have those freedoms anymore, but would tell them the consequences. They welcome the one state religion, yet scoff at the one that has been the dominant one in this culture for over 200 years, and has been a part of ensuring and supporting the freedoms the society now “enjoys” as a result.

Oh, well, it’s not looking good for the “good guys.”

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