Of Interest to the “Tailhookers”

October 17th, 2006 by xformed

Vought VE-7

Vought VE-7

1922 – Lt. Cmdr. Virgil C. Griffin, in a Vought VE-7SF makes first the takeoff from a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, USS Langley (CV 1) anchored in York River, Va.

From the Richmond-Times Dispatch:

On Oct. 17, 1922, as the Langley lay anchored in the York River, Lt. V.C. Griffin’s Vought VE-7SF biplane took off from its deck, the first takeoff from a Navy aircraft carrier. Griffin is believed to have flown the plane back to Norfolk, where it had been loaded onto the Langley, Forrest said.

Lt. Cmdr. Griffin was attached to the “Bounty Hunters” of “Fighting Two” (VFA-2 is the present name for the squadron and it is still commissioned).

Interested in more aircraft carrier aviation history? Here’s your link.

Gee, I can’t believe I scooped SteelJaw Scribe and Far East Cynic (both CV aviation guys, but since they are VAW and not VF/VFA types), and Instapinch! I’m letting Capt Lex have a pass, since he’s doing the “I’m here from da gov’ment, and I’m here to help!” thing with forward deployed forces right now.

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4 responses about “Of Interest to the “Tailhookers””

  1. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    (ahem) as any *real* tailhooker will tell you — it ain’t the launches, it’s the recoveries that count:

    Oct. 26, 1922 – Lieut. Cmdr. Godfrey deC. Chevalier, flying an Aeromarine, made the first landing aboard USS Langley underway off Cape Henry, Virginia.

    As any veteran of flyoffs will tell you, you can darn well throw any kind of trash off the front end towards the beach 😉


  2. xformed said:

    I concur…but, you have to start somewhere….

    And, now tell me you were just sitting on this bit of history for 5 more days? 🙂

  3. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    Of course — but in true aviator fashion, do you *really* expect me to admit to anything else? 😉 (point of fact, the October DC Tailhook gathering, aka FCLP’s, is on the 26th as well…)

  4. xformed said:

    You’ve got flight lead…..I’ll just be back here on the 22nd keeping my eye on your relative motion…

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