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October 16th, 2006 by xformed

Sikorsky YR-4B in wind tunnel

Sikorsky YR-4B (HNS-1) in NASA wind tunnel testing

1943 – The Navy accepts its first helicopter, a Sikorsky YR-4B (HNS-1), at Bridgeport, Conn.

Sikorsky YR-4B (HNS-1)
Click on the picture for more history of this helo from Fiddler’s Green.

How about this for deck quals?:

H Frank Gregory, now a Lieutenant Colonel, subsequently demonstrated the XR-4 from a platform mounted on the tanker SS Bunker Hill. in May, 1943, 24 landings and take-offs being made. Additional tests were conducted in July 1943 with the XR-4, and the first YR-4A, operating from a stern platform on the troopship SS James Parker. In the course of this 20-hour test, the two helicopters made 162 landings and take-offs.

That was before they had NWP-42!

To my former shipmates from HC-6 (LCDR Al Jacka), HSL-32 (LCDR “Buzz” Buzzell) and HSL-44 (LCDR Marty ??? (age…sorry)), this one’s for you!

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