Happy Birthday, USN – 231 Years

October 13th, 2006 by xformed

Plenty of others have beat me too this post, but, I’m not one that likes birthdays much anyhow.

But, to the only service that has a mandate to Congress to be constantly authorized, 231 years of fine service to the Nation, at home and aboard.

Much has changed, an back in the begining, the CHENG was the Deck Deparment Head.

There were no aviators to sit in the wardroom and complain thay had seen all the movies already

There were wooden ships and “Iron Men.” We still have one of those two commodities.

Submariners were a “Navy of One.”

The Navy was a “wet” one. It took a politician many years later to make it “dry.”

Deployments could last much longer than 6-8 months.

There was no “Trade School” for officers; you learned by an apprenticeship type program.

No evaporators, so no complaining about “water hours.”

No “twidgets,” but no cool electronic gadgets, either.

Anyhow…just a few thoughts on this 231st occasion of the Birth of the US Navy.

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