In Search of the Grand Unified Theory – Part III

October 11th, 2006 by xformed

Part II is here and covers the finger pointing the first day the “issue” with Rep. Mark Foley bubbled to up from beneath the swamp water to see the light of day.

Today, a short post on the topic. I believe I know the end game of the physicists looking for the Grand Unification Theory formula. Once they have discerned it, everything else will be understood exactly how it relates to everything else in the physical science world.

With those seeking the single thing/person/animal/mineral/vegtable that is the cause of all “badness” in the universe, what next? If “it” says “sorry!” will we then all move along and go back to living? Will we drop the “hunt” and be satisfied? Will we secretly break out our notes, hiding under the bedcovers, using a flashlight to illuminate our scribbling and tell ourselves “There must be something ELSE!”?

How long will it take for “goodness” to break out on the plant, where all men and women love and respect each other, when no one goes hyngry, when there is nary a molecule of “Greenhouse” gas left to cause the inordinate heating of the precious plant? How long, I ask those of you who seek this answer.

I thought of this because of the many, many press conferences when some unbiased, non-glory seeking, bright and intelligent journalists ask President Bush “Sir, what mistakes have you made in ______?” Add to that the many angry editorials where the writers DEMAND the President say he made mistakes.

Ok, so if one day, before his term is over, President Bush says he has committed a specific mistake. Sometimes he does allow for “yes, I’ve made a few mistakes” type of response, but then ignores the clamoring press corps that yells in unison “WHAT MISTAKE DID YOU MAKE?” as he turns and walks from the podium, waving and smiling. So, pretend President Bush says: “I made a mistake counting on the reliability of the intelligence that was provided to me by the CIA.”

Will you (you know who you are) then take a deep breath, breathe a sigh of relief and then say to yourself “FINALLY!” and get on about your life, no longer obsessed with IT?

This, while the topic is not fully explored for the purposes of this series, is the most pressing issue at hand. If we can find who definitively who it is to blame, will we let it go and then do something uplifting and productive for the rest of our days?

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