The Synergism of Life – The Answer to a Father

October 5th, 2006 by xformed

Welcome LGF readers. I hope this post helps improve your hope for the future.

Some would say we are disconnecting more in the Internet era. Some would say we’re connecting more. Because of the Internet, we can all share in this story:

From John of OPFOR Blog: Cpl Patrick R Nixon, USMC, died in Iraq Mach 23, 2003. Via an article in Smithsonian magazine, Patrick’s father, David Nixon, was connected to an Iraqi living in the marsh area of Iraq, Dr. Azzam Alwash.

Below is a link that shows you a very basic construct of functional societies: Some go forward to protect and lose their lives. Others benefit. The benefactors proclaim their thankfulness for the sacrifice. Read and understand and know there are those who value the sanctity of life. These ones are the “Marsh Arabs” of Iraq.

Warning: If you cry easily, or even with difficulty, make sure you’re ready in case you do.

“A People Have Been Set Free”

H/T: Gulf Coast Pundit

Also, while you’re here, please consider learning more about the Valour-IT project that provides laptops and voice activated software to our disabled service members. I posted about it here. Thank you for your interest and possible assistance in this wonderful work.

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2 responses about “The Synergism of Life – The Answer to a Father”

  1. Mary in LA said:

    My screen is all blurry for some reason, and my keyboard’s wet.

  2. Marie said:

    My Tissue box is now empty!
    Thanks w-formed for you search on this article.
    I believe this is truth all Americans need to know
    Thank You all Military Old and new
    Thank YOU Men and Woman of Our Military
    For all You Do! God Bless YOU !!!

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