Movie Review: “The Guardian”

September 26th, 2006 by xformed

Got lucky last night and my friend couldn’t go and see the free preview, so I got his tickets…

Well done movie, and they made it a point to hire good advisors for the film. I’m a reality based guy, so detail makes it better in my opinion.

Quick overview: You’ll find yourself immersed in the story and feel like you’re in the bird or on the hoist during the action scenes. If’ you’ve been to a military school, you probably will feel some old feelings coming back and maybe identify with those students or instructors in the movie.

The story line is not unlike many of us have seen. Elite school, hard to get into, with young hotshot who’s already decided to tear up the world in the style of “Maverick” eyeballing the other pilots and the TOPGUN trophy during the CO’s welcome message. IN this case, the guy who holds the records is standing in the back of the room.

The movie begins with a rescue on a storm swept night int he Bering Sea that doesn’t go well. Very badly, as you might imagine, and Senior Chief Randall gets home alive, but badly shaken, so they send him off to the Rescue swimmer school to work things out. AN Ficher is the kid with the attitude, and can back up his ability in the water, but, of course, lacks the understanding that it’s not some sometime game he’s getting into and Kevin Costner (Randall), via a tough mentoring program, brings him along.

The school scenes are believeable, complete with an Instructor insurrection, when “their way” is modified by the new SCPO shows up and puts a dose of reality into the methods of training. I’ve seen this before in the real world, too.

The story line is great, the photography stunning and the scenes during the flights will keep you pumped up, as the Jayhawks skim the boiling seas under nasty, dark, cloud filled skies.

It’s a 2:15 long movie and go easy on the large cokes, so you don’t have to miss any of the action, but if you need a break, skip the “squid” bar scene and dno’t miss the rest.

I’ll say this, it sure helps you gain a better appreciation of what our young men and women in the Coast Guard face when they make it throught that school and head out to the CG Stations worldwide as lifesavers.

More data here on the history of the USCG Rescue Swimmers from the USCG website here.

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