Dear Sean Penn;

September 20th, 2006 by xformed

Yesterday’s USA Today had a big article on Sean Penn, not just about his new movie, “All the King’s Men,” but a forum to let him be quoted about how things need to change.

Yes, I argee, but just a few days ago, when I heard that Sean Penn had called President Bush the devil (I wonder if he wrote Hugo’s UN speech of today?), I scribbled this, because it just made me think he’s something because of his money.

Dear Mr. Penn;

I’d like to offer you a little constructive advice, which may help you achieve your end, and not make you look so totally ignorant. There’s a clue here, so please read the following carefully:

Money doesn’t make you smart, nor a strategist, nor an economist, nor a diplomat or an ambassador, and it certainly doesn’t make you right. All it does is make you wealthy, but, even without moeny, you still have a right to say what you think as you will as an American, because the patriots through the ages have secured and then willed your right to this privledge for as long as you wish to maintain it.

If you want to be any of those things listed above, get some well written books, hire some respected tutors, study, study and study some more, then apply for one of those jobs and make the knowledge practical by doing wht you think is right. Once you’ve done those things, your voice will be more universally accepted, and I suspect your tone will be changed somewhat, as it will have been tempered by the reality of putting your hands on the problems of the world.

Respectfully, I submit, “you have to do what you think is right,” and experience will help you understand right better.

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