“What Nobody Wants to Talk About”

September 12th, 2006 by xformed

Right Thinking Girl has been around awhile in the blogosphere. Before she had her own domain and took about a year off from blogging, I used to read her posts daily. I hadn’t been back there often recently, but surfed over that way this morning and found another one of her prespectives, which is worthy of your consideration. She’s a great writer, and, her new husband lost his wife and many work friends. I’m linking to one post, but her blogging of the last few days, complete with guest posts by Sean (her husband) and other freinds who had interesting positions in sociaety on that day 5 years ago, are worth taking a few minutes to read.

Try this one:

“What Nobody Wants to Talk About“.

This link is to her blog’s September 11th Rememberances.

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