If We’re Going to Grant Constitutional Rights, We Should Demand Constitutional Behaviors

September 6th, 2006 by xformed

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Had some time to think this morning, even before the President spoke. I was considering how so many in the country demand we treat our enemy according to the standards we apply to our own citizens….You know, the rights of the 4th Amendment, and the 5th, and of, course, freedom of speech.

Ok…let’s just say I’ll concede that to you, that you’re right and we should handle them as we would any US citizen accused of a crime. It sets a very new precendent, but that’s not the point (just yet).

How about we play a little quid pro quo? You get what you want, now it’s my turn:

I demand that our enemy (those we capture, and their governments (meaning the officials who comprise that organization) then also adhere to the non-right of the Constitution, but one you same people want the rest of us to live with: Separation of church and state.

Fair? Or too tough for you to swallow? C’mon, how can you hammer the US government, and every governmental agency below for that matter, for even a single of the presence of any (Christian) religious leaning, symbols, or words in a commencement setting?

I see it this way: If you want our rights for them, then they have to get all the conditions of one of us, and the ones you have fought so hard, aided by the ACLU, to remove. Why would it be “ok” to let them be partial citizens? That would very much smack of granting privledge of one group over another and would then violate any number of local, state and federal statutes regarding equality and civil rights.

I’d love to see how the Islamofascists would pull this off…

Think about it. Do we grant them all the “benefits” of citizenship, or just a few?

Oh, and if we do this, maybe foreign govenrments will be happen to oblige you when you travel to their countries and they accuse you of something illegal. You can hope they will make you a partial citizen, just as you asked for foreigners here, so you can stand trial under their justice system…

just sayin’….

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  1. CoRev said:

    Like the logic!

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