Sex and the Suicide Bomber

August 26th, 2006 by xformed

Interesting article discussing the motivation behind those would would kill themselves and others for gain…

I have always believed that the sick view of sexuality promoted by strict Islam is one of suicide bombing’s prime motivators. Young males, living in Islamic societies where pre-marital sex with women is sometimes punishable by death, and raised by mothers who are treated like chattel, can’t possibly have healthy outlooks on sexuality. So it is unsurprising that there’s no shortage of young Muslim males drawn to the notion that unlimited carnal delights can be had at the push of a button. In an ultimate perversion, the suicide bomber–and those who fund and recruit them and prepare their missions–draw from an act of creation to create death.

Sex…yep, it’s a pretty powerful motivator in the history of all sorts of species, not just man, but animals seem to be a bit more realistic about it.

H/T: Distant Thunder commenter at Little Green Footballs

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1 response about “Sex and the Suicide Bomber”

  1. rick said:

    Yeah, and the 72 virgins have nobody to compare your performance to. What a perfect scam.

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