Summer Clean Up and Updating…

August 21st, 2006 by xformed

Over the weekend, I got a little busy in pulling over posts from the “Junior” blog and then updated links. It’s a long and tedious process, but when you have to a scan through a number of posts you did a year to almost two years ago, you see some interesting things. Well, I did any way….

I’m trying to get some of the more notable posts over, and not pursuing the project in any particular sequence, as some posts spanned several writings, and crossed boundries of months.

I mentioned some of the earlier issues of moving from Blogger to my own domain and switching to WordPress as my blogging software in this post.

One of the pitfalls is Blogger only lets you work with up to 300 posts. Those you can pull up and edit. After that, the best bet to get to older posts is to go to the blog, select the month, then right click and “View Source”. You can’t edit that page that comes up, but you can copy and paste the contents into NotePad. From there, I cut and paste the specific posts into WordPress, just like I was wrtinig it new…

I have been trying to faithfully retain the time the original article is posted, which can be done by putting the original data into the “Time Poststamp” on the entry in WordPress, and making sure the “Edit TimeStamp” box is checked when you publish. That way, the post moves to the right place in the blog time continum for historical purposes.

Anyhow…as I have seen Capt Lex doing lately (and who would not want to emulate a fine idea?), he has posted links to some older posts of his own. Here are a few of my personal favorites:


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