Coming Soon: “Ropeyarn Sunday” Sea Stories and Open Trackbacks!

August 21st, 2006 by xformed

I think it’s time to share my meager readership with others. Lord knows I’ve filched enough for my sitemeter through the graciousness of others in the blogosphere, most notably GreyHawk at Mudville Gazette. I still can’t get a ping thru to his blog with WordPress, even with standalone pingers….:(

The “event” will be weekly and appear Wednesday afternoons (when the sun is over the yardarm). I’ll make an attempt to post a short “sea story” and you will post links to your postings to that post!

This is in the vein of “Full Bore Friday” from CDR Salmander, “Flight Deck Friday” by SteelJaw Scribe, and others who have a special category of writings weekly (Hey, guys….what’s with the friday thing? Run out of work to do?)

Check back after noon local (EDT) this Wednesday for the first one…..

Oh…to place a trackback, copy the link to the post, then append “/trackback” to the link in your trackback pinging tool of choice. They then show up as comments. I’ll dig about to see if there is a way to pull them up into the main post automagically via some WordPress plugin (and if you know how…please share the secret!).

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1 response about “Coming Soon: “Ropeyarn Sunday” Sea Stories and Open Trackbacks!”

  1. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    ob. the Friday thing – must be a combination of cathartic end-of-the-week effect and realization that our weekend schedules are at the mercy of a higher being 😉

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