Valour-IT has a Shortfall. Got some spare bucks?

June 9th, 2006 by xformed

I picked this up on Milblogs.

Valour-IT is a charity that funds laptop computers for wounded service members. These laptops are equipped with voice recognition software, provided by Dragon Software, and it turns the lives around that have been turned upside down.

Check my tab above for “Charities” and not Valour-IT is the top one. A simple click takes you to the Soldier’s Angels Valour-IT donation page. There’s plenty of info there to brief you in.

More detailed info on the work is found at the Project’s website….

I know it’s not Veteran’s Day, but this is a project worthy of regular donations to help those who have given so much to keep us safe.

PS: Hey, all you Milbloggers: How about get this word out? Get a blogburst going….

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1 response about “Valour-IT has a Shortfall. Got some spare bucks?”

  1. Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys.. said:

    Project Valour-IT update.

    New stuff comes in below. I’ll avoid a sense of tartness, given the *tens* of thousands of readers of the participating blogs (even allowing for a huge overlap) – but the 97 (as of yesterday evening) of you who’ve donated…

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