John Kerry is Looking for Support

June 8th, 2006 by xformed

From a post late last night on Little Green Footballs titled “Progessives Supporting the Troops Again”has comments from an attendee of the meeting with John Kerry at an “off the record meeting” with Daily Kos supporters, where they got to see a new movie “The Road to Guantanamo.”

Extract from the “movie review” by Hollywood Liberal:

This film illustrates in crystal clear detail why the U.S. military needs to recruit very dumb, totally uneducated, and mostly southern cracker soldiers who are already racist bastards who have never left their hometowns and believe all the garbage they are taught in school about how we are the good guys, and everything we do is just and right. The Army can then brainwash them to treat other human beings in such a grotesque and inhuman manner.


Contrast this kind of thought process with the recently well written commentary by CDR Salamander on politicizing the military and as further discussed by Chapomatic.

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