Dear Gov Bush: Will This Help?

June 3rd, 2006 by xformed

Oh, the humanity!

The disaster preparedness crowd is all over TV. It seems (yeah, unlike any OTHER YEAR!) Hurricane season is upon us, yes, for a limited time only, AGAIN!

Governor Bush: I know you are concerned about being “Nagined,” when citizen, who purposely choose to exercise their rights to be idiots stay behind after an evacuation order, but….well, this is America and we have a right to be idiots take risks. Hurricanes have a habit of not “landing” where the forecasters say, when they are 10-12, and even 3 days out from landfall (HELLO! Hurricane Charlie!).

I understand how bad it would look if these people then complain that you didn’t come to their house and take care of them personally, but, please….be a leader and tell them to be ready and get back to the work of your office.

Of course, if you’re still scared of the political fallout, school is out now, so crank up those school buses and drive us all to GA, NC, SC and WV now, while you have a chance to get us out in a staged manner, and none of us will have to run out of gas on he Interstate system and take a leak in the median.

Oh, then have these signs modified like this:

Florida Evacuated
On the plus side, in case your political equivalents of Carl Rove didn’t point out to you yet: Ray Nagin got Re-elected….Nature, she can be a bitch….get used to it.Thanks to Mudville Gazette for the Open Post.

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