Dear Congress People….

May 25th, 2006 by xformed

An open letter to all of the members of Congress

Dear Congress People;

I think I once learned I was one of those “We the People” in some document about this country. I may be wrong, but I’m going on that premise, so please bear with me.

I believe you are also some of those people and that would mean all of use are working within the game rules of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitiution of the United States (as modified by the Bill of Rights and other ratified amendments).

What’s the big deal about the FBI searching one of your offices? Most all of you are lawyers, so I think there should be more of you that understand the rule of law better than us “little people” who aren’t popular enough to have been sent to do the business of a Nation, and at this point in history, the best one there is. So, when there is a crime being committed in your very midst, why shouldn’t a judge use his judgement, when he is presented the case, in authorizing a search where there is the reasonable cause to believe the evidence is there?

Unless you have become completely detached from reality, it certainly seems most everyone in the country seems to not want criminals in their presense, most particulalry when they are actively participating in such activity.

we (us little people) have heard some of you, very emotionally, complain that you thought the President (several of them by the way) was acting as thought they were above the law. While I haven’t heard it said, it seems to me that someone who would claim there was some sort of illegal activity that interefered with the authority of one branch of the Government by another branch, it almost sounds to me like there is something to hide. You make laws that require the common person to have some of their data retained and then chide those who complain with statements like “If you’re not doing anything wrong, what do you have to hide?”

I’d ask that question of you (collectively). If there’s nothing wrong being done, then there would not have been an opportunity to have this discussion in the first place. By grandstanding about this issue of law maker’s offices being searched being bad, you aren’t really building a lot of confidence in me that all is right in your world.

My humble advice: Act like you are part of the “we the People” like the rest of us. That means if you are doing something wrong, face it and the consequences that follow.

Oh, and better yet: Follow the very laws of the land that you craft and send forward for the President’s signature. Big hint here: It keeps you from having to face ugly consequences.

I’ll trust you a lot more if you begin doing that and I suspect your approval ratings, which are kinda tanked right now, will get much, much better.

I feel pretty embarassed to be giving such common sense advice to people of your exeperience and education, but the current events make me think you’ve lost your common sense.

Thanks for letting me share, but I feel better thanking a bunch of dead men, who had real character and foresight, for seeing the freedom of expression was a vital thing for a healthy society. It was them who gave the rights to me, not you.

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2 responses about “Dear Congress People….”

  1. Cookie said:

    I personally believe they are just diverting all the attention to the FBI and possible “wrong-doing). I totally agree with yur post mate…”Criminal is criminal”…and as a retired Police Detective Sergeant I was continually runnin inta folks who thought they were “above the law” or had some kind of immunity…used to really piss me off and I’d go after em even harder…won all the cases by the way….

  2. Xformed said:

    Good on ya, brother….It sure seems like too many howls on one side for equality (until it comes to me) that makes me nervous…

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