Call for “Papers” – Operation Forward Pass Begins

May 12th, 2006 by xformed

In the “junior blog” a few days ago, I posted a proposal for pulling together lessons learned to be passed on to those who are getting ready to enter “the real world,” particularly those headed for entry into the service. I think it’s time to get to work.

If you’re not following this well, check the post on the archives to see if that helps fill in the understanding gaps.

I have set up a rough cut blog for the purpose of posting articles or links to widom gathers from the “Old (fill in your name or nickname for your branch of service here)” and to collect them in a sinlge places for others to come along and peruse them. is the place I decided to launch from, and then it may grow to it’s own domain from there. It will take a few hours for the domain name to go through, and then I’ll connect the dots and make it viable for use. The first cut will be cave-man basic, but functional.

If you have stories, emails, letters, etc, etc, etc, that helped you survive your “re-education process, please submit it to me, either by a link, or as the text you’d like shared.

I’m going to work off the premise the general topic areas will fall into a few main areas:

  • Boot Camp
  • Officer Indoctrination
  • Officer Commissioning (Academies, ROTC, OCS)

I’m looking forward to reading the collected wisdom and enthused that the ‘net gives us a vehicle to keep it from being lost for all time. If you can recall the purveyor of the wisdom, please pass that along and I’ll make sure it’s highlighted to honor that person’s contribution to the military members who followed them.

Questions? Email, or post comments here….

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2 responses about “Call for “Papers” – Operation Forward Pass Begins”

  1. Politics of a Patriot said:

    I’m anxious to see the results of this!

  2. Xformed said:

    So get over to Operation Foward Pass already!

    Oh, and feel free to pass on any materail you have received (as I’m hoping you have already).

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