Semi-Live Blogging from DC MilBlogging Conference – Part II

April 22nd, 2006 by xformed

Part I

Lesson learned: When you are having the first conference and the population is largely those who don’t post their pictures, tell everyone to bring one of those spring steel crickets, like they used with the airborne troops on D-Day.

Got there at 8PM, the bar was packed and no one was discernably standing at the entrance, with a box of “Hello, My Name Is” stickers. I got a drink and stood back doing the visual sweep. I did notice a couple in one of the side halls, the women looking ever so slightly familiar. Another guy wandered in and leaned against the door frame, looking around. I told him he’d have to push up to the bar to get help. He said “I’m supposed to be meeting a group of people here at 8:30, but we don’t know what each other look like.” DING, DING, DING! It was DadManly. Hand shake, a chuckle, and then I approached the couple. It was Smash and spouse. Buzz Patterson zipped thru, and then we began to form up quickly. Andi had a stack of blank white name tags and the obligatory fat black pen, and those of us who had filled one table made ours. I then slef-appointed and figured the best way to meet everyone was to be the name tag person. Lots and lots of people showed up. Lots of good conversations, and nice to put faces and real names to the reading….

The discussions were from ackward, like “ummm…I haven’t read your blog…” to discussions on the status of books, self funded trips to the ‘Stan, and “I’m glad to see you here.”

It’s late. Chap: Too bad you’re on TAD, because there are a few people here you’d really enjoy.

More later (no promise as to when)!

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