Happy Birthday to the USMC

November 10th, 2005 by

Last year, I wrote this. I still mean every word of it.

A young man in my Church is considering enlisting. He’s leaning between the Corps and the Navy. Despite my personal journey, I’m trying to point him at the Marines. He’s a great kid, but, like most of us at that age, could use a little direction. I’m betting the Corps will be good for him. We’ll see.

Here’s a post, and and one commenter on it said, it’s not “mascara safe.” If you’re somewhere where you might get emotional, save it for after work, but Captain B from One Marine’s View tells a story of Veteran’s Day you won’t forget. Thank you Captain, for the view of that day.

To the USMC: Happy Birthday, may you (and all of us) see many more. Thanks to Marines one and all; past, present and future, for your willingness to do what others cannot.

For the rest of you, here’s what the top Marine has to say about this special day.

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