Valour-IT Project Gains Momentum – The Navy Leads the Way

November 5th, 2005 by

I’m sure this cartoon will boost visibility….Thanks you, Cox & Forkum!

Let me take a moment to gloat, before the tables are turned….

First: Here’s the link to my post on Valour-IT.

Next: Well, the Navy got off to slow start being leaderless in this blitz to pull in some cash for the cause, but, the USN and supporters have been leaving the competition in the dust since day 2…How do you other services like that?

I’m thinking the USAF can’t step up to the plate because of a bunch of wanna be SEALS (and I think they have a leg up on getting to BUDS after painting the F-4 at the USFA grounds with Blue Angel’s colors) embarrassed them on the home field! My advice to the flyboys: Get on with life and get over it…:)

As to the Amry and Marine Corps: To paraphrase a quote from the game Battlefield 2: “Fight harder, or I’ll have to get someone who will!!!”

Stats worth that provide bragging rights:

As of 2046 EST:

Navy: $10691.00
Army: $9049.99
USMC: $7030.00
USAF: $2990.00

Total (as in nothing to sneeze at): $30030.99!

And, to make a point, there are 6 more days of this, so no excuses as to not being able to ante up some $$$, the Navy team has the chance to put up the goal of $21K by it’s lonesome. How about the rest of you? I think going for $21K/service team would help out a lot more of the wounded troopers…what say we go for $84K?

Geez, why stop there if we can bring in 6 figures? Dream big and ask all your friends….

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