The Transformation of a Man….

February 26th, 2005 by xformed

In the process of reorganizing the links to blogs, and giving each an appropriate amount of honoring of their “lineages,” I stopped by one I hadn’t been to in a few weeks and was rewarded with a personal testimony about the transformation of a former military member and veteran, from a stand on the side lines kind of personality to being a leader of a group established to get involved and let the troops know they are appreciated. A counter to the counter-culture, as it were, in this age of where the tearing down any authority, or governmental protective agency, is standard fare, as I discussed in two posts in the last few days ago. Part I and Part IA are here.

Please get a cup of coffee, a coke, or a bottle of water and follow this link to read Smash’s story, and also realize it just takes us, one at a time, to connect with like minded people, to become a voice for a cause. You won’t be disappointed.

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